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National Chengchi University (NCCU) was founded in 1927. Over the past 8 decades through re-formation and development, we have been upholding our motto, “Harmony, Independence, Balance and Preeminence”, and have continued to refine our teaching methods and research in order to nurture talent for our country and society.


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Devina Tjitra

Risk Management and Insurance, B.A.

Class of 2020

I chose this major because it's not a common major in my country, so I thought it will give me more advantage when I'm seeking a job. I also learn a lot of things related and overall studied in NCCU was a great experience. I made a lot of friends here, either they're local or international students. It surrounds with mountain and river, result on more fresh air to live a comfortable life.

Jeffry Oktavianus

International Communication Studies, M.A.

Class of 2018

I greatly enjoy the time I spent at NCCU, both inside and outside the classrooms. NCCU has many top-notch and well-rounded professors to nurture me and help me grow academically. I was also able to expand my networks, not only with other Indonesian students but also other international students and scholars, through involvements in various activities, including student organizations, volunteering activities, academic conferences, and so on. Taiwan also has many awe-inspiring tourist spots to explore, from mountains to beaches, museums to shopping malls. Hence, I never get bored during my stay.

Winda Prisilia Lizar

International Communication Studies, M.A.

Class of 2019

Although I was all alone when I first came to Taiwan, professors, classmates, and even Indonesian friends who are united in one same community made the most colorful yet unforgettable of my 2 years stay in Taiwan. They were all very friendly and caring. The international classes I took held in full English, and they were all very practical, fun, and comprehensive. Will definitely miss NCCU and Taiwan for sure!



International Education Section (Taipei)

No. 64, Section 2, Zhinan Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City,

Taiwan 116 (For Undergraduate Students) (For Graduate Students)

+886 2 2939 3091 #67729

Overseas Office in Indonesia (Jakarta)

+62 815 8669 4246

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